Custom. For Real.

Our site will give you a taste of what we can do, but because every project and client is different, we hope you’ll contact us so that we may discuss together how we can best serve your needs and the particular demands of your project.

Custom draperies and window treatments designed with thought and care can accomplish design miracles. They can make room look larger or a window more generous. They can make a ceiling seem higher, impart a room with both light and privacy or transform an ordinary wall into a textural focal point. Perhaps best of all, they can cleverly disguise a multitude of less-than-perfect architectural conditions (what is that window doing there?) that would otherwise require construction. MT Custom provides amazingly simple solutions to very complex design and installation challenges, and is the go-to source for the latest innovations and technologies to make window treatments and other custom clothwork installations that are beautiful, functional, flexible and elegant. With the multitude of drapery and upholstery options and complicated decisions regarding the construction and installation of draperies, wall upholstery and home automation, the MT Custom team can provide valuable insights into the appropriate choices for your needs.

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